Content provided by speakers at the 2022  conference:

Governor Evers video message to attendees

Advocacy 101 – Courtney Cooperman NLIHC

Advocating for Change – Kat Klawes

Building an Affordable Housing Network

CDA Process

Federal Advocacy – Marlow Fields

Innovations in Rural Housing – Tyler Sheeran

Innovations in Rural Housing – SWCAP & Cinnaire

Innovations in Rural Housing – WHEDA

Innovations in Supportive Housing – Margaret Porco

Innovations in Supportive Housing – Michael Carlson

Innovations in Supportive Housing – Megan Schuetz

Partnerships in Housing – Teig Whaley Smith

Racial Wealth and Income Gap 

State Treasurer Godlewski presentation

Supportive Housing – Movin Out

Urban Development – Anthony Kazee

WHPC – Mary Wright